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The <basefont> Tag

The <basefont> tag lets you define the basic size for the font that the browser will use to render normal document text.

The <basefont> tag has a single attribute recognized by all browsers, SIZE, whose value determines the entire document's base font size. It may be specified as an absolute value from 1 to 7, or as a relative value by placing a plus or minus sign before the value. In the latter case, the base font size is increased or decreased by that relative amount. The default base font size is 3.

The tag may appear anywhere in the document, and it may appear several times throughout the document, each with a new size attribute. With each occurrence, the < basefont > tag's effects are immediate and hold for all subsequent text.

Internet Explorer supports two additional attributes fro the < basefont > tag: COLOR and NAME. These attributes control the color and typeface used for the text in a document and are used just like the color and face attributes for the < font > tag.

The following example illustrates how Netscape responds to the <basefont> tag and </basefont> end tag, including fixed and relative values: Unless the base font size was reset above.

Netscape renders this part in FONT SIZE 3.

This text should be rather large, SIZE 7. Oh, no! I'm shrinking back to normal!

<basefont size=7> <basefont size=-1> <basefont size=-1> <basefont size=-1> <basefont size=-1> </basefont>

Font Color, Face, Style

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