Testimonials & Accolades!

Got all my web pages updated, linked, and the directories cleaned up. Plus my remote site is set up on my Windows laptop! Thank you. You are a great instructor and I am so happy I am in your Dreamweaver class.

Thanks so much for all your help and 2 great classes. Sent from my iPad

Bonnie was my instructor in multiple classes at Ringling College of Art & Design. She excels in personal one on one instruction and has vast experience in her chosen profession. Her past work history in Photography and computer design bring the classes to life and show how the programs are used in everyday real life situations. I would recommend Bonnie as an instructor and professional Artist.

Ciao! It's a pleasure to hear from you. The subscriber option in Facebook has made a big difference. There are over 500 fans now. No one asks to come in as friend anymore. I think I'll delete that whole file. I wish I'd had the time to run a blog properly, but I can barely keep up with Facebook. Did you see the story about what a whiz Marcella is with social media?

Bonnie, Thanks for the feedback – I'll share with the team! We truly appreciate the fact that you brought your expertise to this year's Tech Boot Camp.

I enjoyed your classes and have even remembered some of the iPads abilities. Your class taught me how to send my art to my family and friends.

It's working and I have no idea which step you suggested, fixed it. Thanks Bonnie.

Hi Bonnie, I don’t know how you can have such patience.Thanks.

Bonnie... thank you so much. I was able to follow your instructions without any problems. Hope to see you at another class soon.

Bonnie, Thank you for a great class. Kudos to you for your patience.

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