Class Project

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Instructor: Bonnie L. Hammer

Design and Build Your Own Web Site

To assist you and your future computer art careers and to help broaden your learning process of this class and beyond, I would like you to please design, build and create a web site of your very own.

  • 1 home page
  • At least 3 sub pages
  • At least 3 additional content pages
  • Completed, functional and live on the world wide web

    Content Suggestions

  • Your resume and portfolio.
  • Links of personal interest.
  • Digital photographs.

    Creating a Successful Web Site

  • This assignment gives you a lot of flexibility.
  • First, layout your pages using a site map.
  • If you choose to do an all image home page, you will want to at least include some HTML text navigation, (links to other parts of your site) at the bottom or top of the page, so impatient users can skip ahead.
  • Make sure you have a good system of navigation on your site; the user should be able to jump back to your home page, or skip around to other sub pages without having to use the back button on the server.
  • Create a distinct identity for your site. The user should be able to tell that they are still within your site, and haven't linked out to an unrelated site. You can achieve this by having a unique logo, header or graphic on your site that appears consistently on each page.
  • Keep your pages no wider than 620 pixels wide. You don't want people using laptops and people with their monitors set to 640x480 to view a truncated version of your site.
  • Keep in mind that the main page of a site serves a variety of functions. It's a map and a front door to your message.
  • If appropriate, include a time and date stamp. It helps to keep the site current.
  • Be sure to include links to the software necessary for a full appreciation of your site. If you site uses Real Audio, then make sure it links to that download.

  • Avoid useless pages that serve no purpose. If a page doesn't show or tell the user something, or provide a service, then your site doesn't need it.

  • Let people know how to contact you, Include email address links where appropriate.
  • Keep the content focused to the site.

  • Remember the three-click rule and organize sites logically. The three-click rule states that users will not stay on site if it takes more than three clicks to access the information they need.
  • Use original art work if possible. Clip art and public domain photography is ok, but it's unethical to steal things off of other peoples sites and use them on your own.
  • This page is for you. Have fun and make it something you will want to share with others.

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