Career Mentoring for Your Job Hunt

  • What kinds of jobs are out there for artists with a BFA in Computer Art?
    1. Animation
    2. Character animation, 3D modeling, 2D animation, cartooning.

    3. 3D Production
    4. Data building, texture painting, animation, scanning/compositing, effects programming, matte painting, tool design, motion capture, shade design, lighting, system administration.

    5. 2D Production
    6. Scanning, image cleanup, ink & paint, compositing, special effects.
    7. Graphic Design
    8. Digital typography, separations for print, internet layout and content creation.

      Industrial Design
    9. Research & Development

    10. Includes digital technologies, tools, interfaces, hardware, software, algorithms, specialized solutions, system integration, quality assurance, learning products (documentation and support), product packaging and delivery.

    11. Education

    12. Technical Writing

    13. Good writers are invaluable in bridging new ideas to their audience.

    14. Marketing

      • Good product marketing comes with a formal understanding of a problem and its solution space. Marketing opportunities include direct sales, public relations (PR), customer awareness, trade show development and retail.

      • Management

        Management comes in a variety of forms. It may oversee product development it might regulate system administration, or it could direct focussed programs for marketing. People experience is the key here, coupled with practical knowledge of the problems at hand.

      • Applications

      • Entertainment

      • Concept Creation and Delivery

      • Mediums include motion pictures, CD-ROM, Internet, Theme Parks, Video Games

      • Science Visualization

      • Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology - all of which use computer graphics and interactive techniques to further their quests. Natural Conservation, sciences, Historical research (reconstruction's and visualizations of ancient structures)

      • Communications

      • Expertise in CG technologies coupled with other experiences may lead to video broadcast industries, print media, or some sort of related visual art Performing arts, roles such as directors, producers, choreographers, set designers, customers, and music composers.

      • Design

      • Visual design employs many tools, including graphics design, industrial design, automotive styling, clothing/textile design, furniture design, architectural design and movie/theater set design. GUIs (Graphical User Interface) are a growing area of graphics that is underestimated. This field really helps to make an application effective.

      • Note
      • If you don't see something you think suits your goals, then consider creating your own opportunity. This might include consulting, Writing books, giving lectures, or a raft of other possibilities that you can create by bridging your talents with other business angles.