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Hyperlinks are the heart of an HTML document. Hypertext gives the user the ability to retrieve and display a different document on their own by simply clicking their mouse on an associated word or phrase in the HTML document. Hyperlinks help users to easily navigate and find information on the world wide web.

Links are defined with the <a> tag.

The text between the <a> and the </a> is used as the caption for the link. It is common for the caption to be in default blue with underlined text. The text that is typed in between the anchor link is the text that will appear as the name of the link.

Jump Link: takes the user to the bottom of the page

Jump links are for doing internal page jumps and a great way to allow people to move quickly inside a long page.

Place two items on each page within the HTML document:

  1. a basic link command pointing to another section of the page.
    <a name="codeword">
    <A NAME="bottom">

  2. the point where the page will jump to.
    <a href="#codeword">
    <A HREF="#top">Click Here to go back to the top.</A>

Web or Anchor Link: takes the user  to another web site
<a href="">to another web site</a>

MailTo Link: automatically opens a mail client (
<A HREF="mailto:"></A>

Intertext Link: Are links that appear within a sentence.
for more information, visit our intertext link 1 and perhaps try one or two of our intertext link 2.
for more information, visit our <a href=""> intertext link 1</a> and perhaps try <a href=""> intertext link 2</a>.