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What is Chat?

Chatting online is one of the Internet's most popular features.


When you enter a chat room, you can do the following things:


1)     Watch the Conversation

The large area in the middle is where the conversation takes place. When you first enter a room, you'll see a message from Online Host telling you which room you are in. A moment later, the conversation will start to scroll by. Every line shows a member's screen name and what that member said.


2)     Join the Conversation and type in real time

Underneath the conversation, at the bottom of the screen, is a box you can type in. To contribute a comment, simply type what you want to say into that box and click the Send button. As soon as you click Send, your text will appear in the conversation above, with your screen name in front of it. Everyone in the room will be able to see what you've typed.


3)     See Who Else is in the Room

On the right side of the screen is a list of who is in the room. As people enter and leave, their screen names will appear and disappear from this list. To send a private message, find out more about a person, or ignore messages from a person, double-click on their name on the list.



Three easy steps will have you ready to chat like a pro:


4)     Create a Chat Screen Name

We encourage you to create a screen name just for chat -- one that tells about an interest or your personality. In addition to giving you a chance to build an online identity, a chat screen name can shield your privacy. Many people prefer to use their primary screen name only to communicate with people they already know, and their chat screen name when they are in rooms with new people. If you prefer to use your primary screen name to chat, you can do that, too.


5)     Follow this link to create a new screen name.


6)     Set Your Preferences

You decide who can send you email and who can't. To keep your mailbox clear of junk mail and other unsolicited messages, make sure you have your chat screen name set to block email from strangers. Click on this link to set your mail controls.


Parents often prefer that their children not be able to enter chat rooms. This is a good time to make sure you have the appropriate parental controls set for children's accounts. Click on this link to set your parental controls.


You can set other, more advanced chat preferences, such as whether to play sounds while you're in a chat room. To set these preferences, click on the "Chat Preferences" link in any chat room.



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